Home Energy Assessment Audits in Floyd County, VA

I’m based in Floyd County, but I work right across Virginia and nationwide, frequently training other home energy professionals in different parts of the country.


What does a Home Energy Assessment provide me?

To break it down as simply as I can, a Home Energy Audit provides you with an in-depth analysis of the way your property consumes energy and how It could be made more efficient.

Depending on the type of energy audit you choose, I’ll provide you with a detailed breakdown and diagnosis of energy usage in your home, including things like heating, air-leakage and exactly how much power you’re currently using to run items like refrigerators and freezers.


What can you expect from a Home Audit?

Well for a start, I use energy modeling software that pinpoints all the measures that can be done on your home in order of their cost-benefit priority.

Using those results as a basis, I will provide you a clear list of recommendations, both big savers like insulation and air sealing, and smaller ones that cost little but will start to save you money immediately.

Want to know if it’s worth replacing your windows or your old furnace? Our analysis can tell you.

To get a better idea of what your report will look like, here’s an example home energy assessment audit.


Who is The Green Detective?

I’m Scott Katznelson – and for as long as I can remember I’ve had an obsession with making things work better.

This led to a 30 year career in specialist building, including a stint working for the detail-obsessed movie industry, before discovering energy efficiency industry was my true calling – back in 2009.

It just seemed the perfect match for my deep understanding of construction and the desire I had to see a more energy efficient world. Since then I’ve performed more than 400 home energy audits, developed an expertise with energy auditing software and work as a trainer, for other professional energy assessors.


Paid for itself within 3 months

Scott is excellent at what he does and produced a really thorough report, that went way beyond anything we were expecting.

While we’re still working our way through the list of suggestions he gave us, we already managed to trim our electricty bill by almost 10%, following our Home Energy Audit.

We’re happy to recommend the Green Doctor to any family concerned about their household’s impact on the environment and the size of their energy bills.

Jeff and Karen Bates

Warrenton, VA

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