Professional Home Energy Assessments in Virginia

Reliable Energy Audits for Homeowners in VA

Save energy, cut your utility bills and make your home cheaper to run with a certified Home Energy Audit.

Professional Home Energy Assessments by a resgistered professional, with more than 5 years experience helping property owners cut their utility bills, save energy and cut pollution.

Certified by the Building Performance Institute, we provide energy assessments for every budget and size of property.

Take a look at the different options below, and if you have any questions, do feel free to ask.

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Poorly insulated walls, like the one shown in this image from our thermal imaging equipment, will tell you exactly where savings can be made.

Expect a Green Detective Home Energy Audit to identify many easy ways you can save money and make your home more energy efficient.

Choose from 3 Professional Energy Saving Home Audit Solutions

Prices below are dependent on the size and complexity of the home, whether there are any combustion appliances (natural gas, oil, propane), and travel time.

Visual Walk Through

As an experienced energy professional with a deep knowledge of construction standards and building sciences, my Walk-Through Visual Audit is an easy way to cut utility bills and make your home more energy efficient.


Using my trained eye, and specialist hand-held tools, my visual energy audit provides a quick assessment of where you can start saving energy right away.

Visual Walk Through: From $75

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Standard Audit

To give you a precise idea of where and how your property is wasting energy, I’ll use state of the art tools like a Blower Door and Combustion Analyzer to identify the exact places you could be making savings.


An exhaustive report complete with pictures, diagnostic results and recommendations of how you could make your home more energy efficient comes with every Standard Audit.

Standard Audit: From $250

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Comprehensive Audit

Using every professional tool at our disposal, including a thermal imaging camera, means the fullest possible picture of where energy savings can be made and often provides an early warning of issues before they become a problem.


A Comprehensive Audit and Report will show you exactly where you could be cutting utility bills and saving money.

Comprehensive Audit: From $350

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Relax, You’re In Safe Hands

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I’ve been conducting Home Energy Assessments in Virginia and nationwide since 2009, and working as part of the Federal Weatherization program.

As well as training both new and experienced assessors in the use of specialized modeling software, I also use this software in every property I assess.

The software uses very complex calculations to more accurately determine what are the best and most cost-effective measures to install in any given home.

My Qualifications

BPI Building Analyst # 5005447 (since 2009)

Certified Home Energy Professional Energy Auditor

Certified Home Energy Professional Quality Control Inspector

Certified Level 1 Thermographer

Virginia Residential Building Analyst Licence # 2722000058